We are in Uganda! - Our Adoption Journey

After 3 flights we have have made it!  LAX to DC (5 hours), DC to Ethiopia (12.5 hours), Ethiopia to Entebbe, Uganda (2 hours).  The kids were great.  A few ants in there pants moments but that is to be expected.  The only problem was on our last 2 hour flight Jett and Ashtyn both fell into a deep sleep and could not be roused.  They were both crying as we walked down the stairs to exit the plane and enter the airport immigration area.  After filling out the 5 visa forms we got in line.  By the Grace of God the head official there promptly brought us to the front of the line.  She even had a man step aside so that the agent could help us because our kids were crying.  Then through customs they just waved us on.  Yay!  At least there was that.  As we exited I immediately saw our driver, whew what a relief.

Driving from Entebbe to Kampala we were taking in the new country.  So many small business.  People really trying to make it.  No graffiti or pan handlers but still some very poor living situations.  The driving is crazy.  Thank goodness we didn't rent a car.  Lots of "bodas" motorcycles everywhere.   Lake Victoria was beautiful.  As we drove by we could see some boys playing in the water.  No big boats or houses to ruin the beauty of it.

We arrived at Apricot Guest house at 3pm, we quickly put Jett and Ashtyn to bed and they slept till 8:30pm when I woke them up for a quick bite to eat.  Skyler is the one who has adjusted to the time change perfectly.  Fell asleep around 7pm woke up at 6:30am.  It is amazing how sometimes the one you are most worried about does the best.  

Looking forward to hopefully meeting Peter on Friday!