We are adopting!!!

Hello photography family! June 9, 2014

We are so excited to share some very special news with you.  We are adopting a little boy from Uganda.  He is 3 years old.  We cannot wait to bring him home.  This little boy like so many others needs a Mom and Dad and a loving home.

Skyler says “Here is all my money to help bring him home!“
Ashtyn says “I can’t wait to meet our baby brother!  I just want to squeeze his cheeks.“
Jett says “We should name him popsicle.“

We have always felt the call to adopt a child.  We feel that God has placed that desire in our hearts and people in our path to acheive that goal.   

Since we are adopting from Uganda we will be traveling there for approximately 7 weeks.  We are hoping to raise enough money to bring our kids with us so they can see their brothers home country and have a bonding time together.  

We have already paid a portion of our adoption fees but need to raise money for the remainder of agency fees and the high cost of travel.

We would be so grateful if you would be willing to help donate to our little boy so we can bring him home and unite our family.

We have two places that you can donate.  The first through Pure Charity where you can make a tax-deductible donation.  The funds are directly given to our adoption agency.

And one via YouCaring that is not tax deductible, but we can use it towards our travel costs, flights, accommodations and visas to pick up our little man.

Did I mention we are hoping to travel within the next few months!! What??!  I know!  So exciting and now we need help to accomplish this goal.

Thank you so much for helping make this possible!