{ Orange County Family and Children's Photographer }
Just BE Grateful.....
This topic has been very heavy on my heart lately. I feel that as Americans we are so
overly blessed and we take it all for granted. With the disasters in Haiti and the
poverty around the world I feel it is very important to teach our children and remind
ourselves how easy we have it. The simple things like clean water, food on our table,
a refrigerator, a job and of course our health. Last night my daughter was
complaining about the dinner I made so we started talking about all of the children
all over the world that have it much harder than we do. I know, I know it's that
"starving children and we are wasting food story" that all of our parents gave us but
seriously IT'S TRUE! There are people living a much harder life than we can ever
imagine while we worry about our pedicure looking awful and seriously needing that
new name brand whatever. I think every once in awhile we all need a reminder to
JUST BE GRATEFUL for everything!!!!

And of course I have to be grateful for the

HUGE sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us! Happy Easter!!!
I love this picture of me and my kids it truly shows how grateful I am for them.
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