{ Orange County Family Photographer }
A bit M.I.A.......
I have been flying under the radar a bit the last couple of weeks because I have been very busy.
Don't get me wrong I love the busy and sometimes think that I thrive on chaos but blogging just
gets put on the back burner. So it's official Jett is walking, well actually I saw him trying to run
after the dog tonight. He has the saddest looking forehead too, lots of bruises :( Need to pad the
walls I guess. I registered Skye for Kindergarten, what??!!! When did she get so big? and
Ashtyn is in her version of the terrible two's which really isn't very terrible especially compared to
Skye. Sorry Skyler it's true! Work has been amazing, I have met some very cool new families in the last
few weeks and shot at some new locations which I love. So without further a deux here are some recent pic's of the
kids and a couple of cousins we are so happy to have back in Cali!
**Warning buns ahead, I couldn't resist posting Jett's rolls before they are gone.