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The girl's loved decorating the tree! They kept taking ornaments off just to put
them back on, again and again. Ashtyn enjoying her helmet that she had to wear
for 2 months as a baby. Nannie and Poppies for an early xmas. Brad looking
cute!!! A new funny face from Jett, he is very expressive like his sisters.

The minute Ashtyn saw Santa she ran up to him
and gave him a great big hug.

I guess shes not going to scream bloody murder like she did last year.
Skyler has been asking Santa for this pink Unicorn for a long time.
Ash got one in purple, yay!

Jett with Aunt JJ aka my lifesaver!! She watches the kids when I have photo shoots,
dates with Brad , parties etc. My kids absolutely adore her! Gigi and Aunt Lois with
Santa getting the news of there new power lift chair. Knott's Merry Farm! Jett on
his first ride with cousin Damon (you must look closely to see him sitting there beside him).My beautiful Skyler loves me taking her picture!!! Hahah, yeah right this is
what I usually get! Here she is showing her cousin how to work the iphone!
Christmas morning, Santa brought them a huge doll house! Wow that is a lot
of pink. Also check out Skye's morning hair!!! Whoever said short hair was
easier to manage didn't have her thick hair or her wild sleeping habit.

Skyler has been dying to get a camera of her own since I won't let her touch my
brand new D700 and she is left taking a million on my iphone which I am
constantly needing back. Her new one has a lot of really cool games and
functions too. Ashtyn hiding behind a carrot apparently getting a little
camera shy too.

My niece Kiley was so good helping the girls open their presents and my sister
Alisa helped Jett. Nice to be able to observe all the fun! Oh and Jett got a camera
too! My sis Jen made Ashtyn a tutu, so cute! After all the fun we played a bit of
cards and the kids zoned out to a movie!!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and have a safe New Year!!! xoxo - Laura